Delfina from Delfos Q & A

After the launch of her debut collection under Delfos, we have been enamored by Delfina Piñeiro's style. A brief exchange with the designer below. All images courtesy of @Delfos.

Where are you from and where are you located now? I’m originally from Argentina, but I lived the past years in Italy. I recently moved back to Buenos Aires, which is my favorite city.

Pictured Above: Delfina wearing the Oxide Jeans

Where in the world does the culture resonate with you most? I resonate the most with Latino culture, sexy, badass, Latina energy.

Do your designs and work interact with said culture? When I design, I want my jeans to fit perfectly, mostly in the butt of course! A sexy fit is the most important thing for my culture.

Do you incorporate any common themes in your style? I don’t think I can define my style with specific common themes. I’m very intuitive. I’ve always had different eras. But I do want my collections to have my identity reflected in its textile experimentations.

Is there something you are currently searching for? Tangibly or intangibly. Temporarily or perpetually. As my family has been in the denim business for generations, I’m always trying to respect that legacy. At this moment I’m searching to become a sustainable denim brand, with consciousness in production, working to find new and sustainable washing practices. I’m extremely conscious of my business’ ethics. Intangibly, I want my jeans to be collectable. I would like my customers to be able to collect the different designs and models from each collection.

What are your favorite conversation topics? Least favorite conversation topics? I consider myself a very versatile person, but my favorite conversation topic is about secret restaurants, Wong Kar Wai films and rare collectable books. I love watching rare films and am constantly drawn to people with the same interests. Least favorite conversation topic: Talking about people I don’t know and even people I do know.

What is a recent memory that may have positively reinforced your desire to be an artist and designer? Makes me happy seeing artists with the best style wearing my jeans <3

Alternatively, what do you think is the biggest challenge of being an artist today? Trying to make your art sustainable and social media content overload. It is a huge tool for success and exposure. However, there is also so much difficulty in making a name for yourself and being able to stand your ground through time and keep your essence no matter what.

What is your next project? Very soon Delfos’ new collection will be released. It’s inspired on a business boss person with rockstar energy, the one who can party hard and run a meeting.


Instinctual or Intentional

I let myself be driven by instincts always, it is always the truth. But I do like to practice my intentional side more though.

Organization or Clutter

Organization. Can’t live without google calendar!

Silver or Gold

I love gold.

Story Telling or Reimagining

I’m a big fan of films and books so I always must tell a story.