Vortex Series with Gabe Gordon

Emerging independent designer Gabe Gordon sources pre existing yarns to supplement his own concept of knitwear. For Doza, Gordon constructed a series of "vortex" pieces aiding us with a tangible embodiment of our collective nostalgia for comfort and also, our newfound desire to be exposed as ourselves, boldly and unapologetically. A brief exchange with the designer below. 

Photos by Sophia Schrank  |  Modeled by Tori Duderstadt 

What was your trajectory like to get you where you are now?

GG: I’m currently studying Textiles at RISD. It’s how I became introduced to knitwear and where I have gotten most of my knitting skills.

What kind of person do you hope your designs speak to? Who do your designs speak to the loudest?

Gabe: These garments (my vortex pieces) which are from my collection “Tight Squeeze,” were intended to visualize sensations that came with feelings of grief. The tight vortex pieces were supposed to show a warmth, but also a constriction. It’s interesting because in being tight and having these wonky closures, these garments end up showing off a person’s curves and cleavage… they’re kind of sexy! It’s been really fun seeing my audience evolve and although I may have intended the pieces to be worn by a specific type of person, I’ve enjoyed noticing different audiences and people show interest.

What’s your go-to styling routine?

GG: I always start with one garment… usually a pair of pants (I have a big collection of pants which I treasure) and once they’re on, the outfit will start to actualize.

How does living in Rhode Island influence your designs?

GG: I love Providence! I don’t think I will stay here post undergrad, but I really appreciate being in a small city right now and not having too many distractions while being in school. It can definitely feel isolating making fashion here, but I think that aspect of it has been extremely important as a young designer.  I also really love the small community of artists I’m around, in my major (textile design), and also sharing a home-studio with my housemates/ classmates. It feels really exciting and tight knit ;).

What do you implement in your production process to ensure sustainability? Why is that important to you?

GG: I’ve been sourcing all of my yarns from a local company nearby Providence that carries discarded yarns from other mills. I’m a big fan of using cotton in my knits, however, sustainably, it's one of the worst fibers due to how it’s produced. So I’m lucky to have found a place that’s saving yarns from being thrown out and recycling them into my garments rather than sourcing new cotton.