Words with Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard

Since her AW 2021 collection debut, Danish designer Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard continues to captivate us with her alluring, dream like pieces. Her atelier now based in France, uses an expansive range of textiles and upcycled materials to produce an artful vision, while the quality of craftsmanship stays true to tailored perfection. The latest AW 2023 collection is no different. The knitwear is delicate and chic, while the satin corset and office pant bring a touch of sophistication. We were lucky to exchange some words with the designer about her inspiration behind the new pieces, now available on our store. 




What are some thoughts and intentions you had while designing the collection? 

I wrote my thoughts down in the beginning and my creative director Claire Arnold suggested we used it as the press release for the collection since it captures the essence. Other than that, I wanted to treat my community with a really sick piece of work and to underline my abilities as an artistic director.. I think we managed both quite well. 






Press Release Below:

Not to break down but to feel free
All of the elements
Empty of darkness, Empty of light.
What is this without words
Like Showing up to the party late
Like never showing up to life
But to feel the music like a rage
Covering the stitches
All in the finest silk
Showing some It doesn’t exist
It's never real
Zooming in to zone out
Take it if you want
Let it make you greedy and never really yours
Unbothered and Untouched
But dragged through it all
Autumns & Winters
Ring the bell and walk away
The chime forever in your ears
But heard only by the crows
Sitting for portraits
To each their own

What have you been listening to, reading or watching lately (music, books, movies, etc) that inspired these pieces ? 

I've watched my friend Blackhaine perform, which is incredible and an enormous amount of raw energy to be exposed to. Other than that I'm really in the atelier 24/7 just minding my business. I used to have a subscription to Mubi and go to screenings but as an artist I just want to be in the atelier all the time and deal with life this way. I like to listen to a lot of various NTS; Astrid Sonne, OQBQBO, Japanese tech, Gamma brainwave music, Italian 80s, Eastern European Folk.. My team is international so I'm fortunate to also discover some really local intimate and bizarre avenues of music. Sometimes we also go music neutral and put on french debate radio but that always seems to escalate quickly. I tend to drift off in these fantasy moments, building things that do not exist and dream of something otherworldly. It creates these extreme emotions inside of me and this tends to be my main source of inspiration and I've managed to build quite a research library of archive garments based on this. The process feels like train surfing, and has felt like this for some years now and it's just wild because I don't see any trains stopping anytime soon! In France, people say 'let's go' a lot and in my mind I'm like "haha you have no idea of how much let's go I can do!" I love it. Let's go!    

What is your favorite piece in your collection available on our site and why? 

That is very difficult because I love everything you have in store! You have a lot of layering pieces, which is how I build my collections and perfect for styling options. And I love the black satin evening corsets.. but having to choose only one favorite piece I would say the intarsia dragon wraps!

What are three words that describe your pieces best? 

Sophistication, intriguing, fantasy

Is there something new you learned while designing this collection? 

Yes! I learned that I am extremely good at archery, so my next step is to practice it while riding a horse. Which I don't think will be much of a problem.. it's just that there aren't many stables in Paris.. but maybe that's a reason for me to come to L.A. more often ! 8)

And with that, we are so interested in how your archery will possibly seep into your next designs. 

All images c/o Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard.